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Some Quick Reads


[Retail & CPG] A Digital presence for a brick and mortar cosmetics brand, a makeover.

“FirstHive gave us a scalable, white labelled portal to display their product catalogue, as well as an integrated order management system backed by an logistics backbone for processing the orders.”

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Influencer loyalty program

[Manufacturing] Digitization and Brand differentiation among micro channels

“FirstHive’s ‘Point wallet’ was a strategic improvement to both digitize the distribution and micro channel network which helped in differentiating our brand.”

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women apparel retail CDP

[Retail & CPG] A leading women apparel brand turned anonymous visitors into identities for upselling and cross-selling

“FirstHive helped us drive an ROI of 20X from the campaign.., thereby significantly exceeding the expectations. Thereby improving visibility and creating a meaningful digital revenue stream during the period of the pandemic.”

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insurance policy renewal

[Insurance] Establish shorter and faster insurance policy renewal journeys

“Reduced policy renewal campaigns down from 150+ to 18 journeys with FirstHive. This helped increase policy renewals.”

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[Manufacturing] Scaling an influencer loyalty program, asynchronously.

“FirstHive supported with a single platform that can be scaled for customized loyalty programs for our influencer network.

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Insurance CDP

[Insurance] Customer journey orchestration for lead qualification

“FirstHive’s reduced lead generation costs by eliminating 70% of invalid leads from the call center.”

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[Retail Banking & NBFC] A Single Unified View for a leading education-focused NBFC.

“At-a-glance, FirstHive’s dashboard provides a unified view of Channel partners across all product categories and a clear picture of how many payments were processed vs how many were pending.”

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