Marketers can segment their users or Customers basis different parameters like Time, Data field, response to the campaign, product category, transaction value, frequency, and various other behavioral elements.

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Three types of segmentation

Basic Segmentation

Allows you to create simple segments
basis content tags.

Advanced Segmentation

Allows you to create complex segments
basis multiple conditions.

Auto Segmentation

Automatically segments customers into cohorts that fulfill certain criteria by leveraging machine learning that can provide recommendations over the system, beyond demographic attributes and transaction history.

Dyanmic vs Static Segment


This segmentation allows dynamic addition of users basis the rules/ filters applied which thereby results in the progression of the audience continuously with each second and that too in real-time.


This segmentation allows the addition of only a fixed set of users basis the rules/ filters applied. Thus there is no increase or decrease in segment count once it is created.

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