Enables brands to build persistent customer identities

Marketing always evolves. FirstHive makes make marketing accessible and relevant to marketers, data and IT teams with changing dynamics, over time.

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Our Story

It all started with Data. We are obsessed about finding the truth hidden in data warehouses hidden in departmental silos. This led us to create a platform that brings data together into a single view that is untainted and unadulterated. For marketers, viewing the disintegrated customer persona across channels in a single profile still remains a challenge.

Even today, the real power of marketing stays out of a marketer’s reach. We see that integrated cohesive data is what defines a customer in a single view for marketers. Our team is set on a path to make marketing accessible and relevant to marketers across the world.

Evolving Technology

To us, marketing is as scientific as much as it is a creative process. We believe that, ‘Marketing as a function provides true traction when backed by informed, rational actions’.

FirstHive Technology promotes better decision making:

  • Our proprietary algorithms pull and integrate customer data collected from multiple touchpoints.
  • Create customer identities for marketers to make better decisions.
  • Enable brands create better and more impactful campaigns, which resonate with their consumers resulting in more likes, shares, click throughs, walk ins, and ultimately sales.

The FirstHive Journey

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