The Results

“FirstHive gave us a scalable, white labelled portal to display their product catalogue, as well as an integrated order management system backed by an logistics backbone for processing the orders.

A Digital presence for a brick and mortar cosmetics brand, a

A global leading consumer goods company who also run a highly profitable brand for skincare and cosmetics required a digital presence. This was to improve brand awareness, while continuing to offer the same luxury experience as their brick and mortar counterparts.

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Lack of online engagement with customers

The Problem & Challenges

They needed an authentic and scalable solution to engage better with their online customers. They knew that this provided the potential to  expand their product reach across their target geography, and improve brand recall, while ensuring that the customers continue to receive the same luxury brand experience as in the physical brick and mortar stores.

To achieve this, they were looking for a solution that would continue to offer them an attractive and engaging product display, scalable to handle high traffic and a large product catalogue, as well as flexible to allow incorporation of marketing tools like social media in their online strategy. They were also looking for a means to run an effective  sampling program to try and connect better with his prospective customers.

Incremental sales as well as brand visibility


FirstHive designed the solution to drive incremental sales as well as brand visibility with

  • Standardized shopping experience across all devices
  • White labelled ecommerce provides an exclusive domain for the brand without any intrusion of competitor brand
  • They were able to run special promotions/campaigns exclusively for loyal/regular customers

White labelled e-commerce platform, backed by an integrated campaign strategy

The Solution

With our sectoral expertise, we implemented the nuances of an online marketplace for this cosmetic brand. Our solution included building the capability to handle shipping as well as easy product returns. An appealing product display ensured seamless navigation, to reflect the aesthetic experience of a physical store. An attractive and responsive design that provides superior usability and engaging on all devices eliminated the need to create an expansive shopping application. We also plugged in Order Management system into the CDP that ingested transactional data. It further ensured timely delivery across the country. Targeted campaign automation via SMS and Email marketing helped build traffic for the portal.


daily hits


conversion ratio


campaigns executed

Find out how you can use FirstHive for digitization and brand differentiation? Schedule a 1:1 session.