Data Ingestion

For any compelling and healthy data strategy, data ingestion has been the first step to it. Ingest customer data from multiple sources, stitch with intelligent profile creation, and work with data that only matters. Find out more.

Why is Data Ingestion integral to CDPs?

CDPs master the art of making complex and intertwined data communication systems into an automated and seamless data stream. To deliver seamless input for data processing, data ingestion remains the foundation of your marketing infrastructure.

Business Value of Data Ingestion

Optimize Campaign Cost

Low Lead Acquisition Cost

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Better Ad Budget Management

High Lifetime Value (LTV)

High Return on Investment (ROI)

How can Data Ingestion be put to use by a Marketer?

Our CDP’s Data Ingestion Process includes following

  • Data Loading – FirstHive uses APIs to load data or use Comma Separated Value, XML, database tables, etc. FirstHive also applies its own rules and customizes the data loading process to enable seamless categorization and data organization. In either of these cases, data loading can be regulated and automated.
  • Different data sources used
    Internal Data Sources: website, e-commerce, mobile apps, retail point of sale, sales automation, customer support, order processing, billing, and loyalty programs providing first-party data
  • External Data Sources: secondary or tertiary data
    partner with data-generating systems, using a pre-configured integration or use a trusted agent to draw data
  • Trackings IDs and Tags
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Web spiders
  • Federated or external access

  • Data Structure – This includes storing both structured and unstructured data in diverse formats: weblogs, images, videos, and audio files achieved with intense metadata creation and management supported by advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence, image recognition, etc
  • Schema & Schemaless Ingestion
  • Integrated Orchestration
  • Data Compliance

  • Real-Time Data – This includes supporting latency, response time, and scalability that arises with the volume of data.

Find out how it works. First step or later, fix your data ingestion.