Deliver omni-channel Customer Experience

Create a wealth of lifetime value by fostering long-term customer relationships with customer journey mapping.

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Influence & respond to your
customers in real-time

Listen and learn from each customer.

Empower every marketer in your team.

Journey Mapping

Use data from marketing systems configured into FirstHive to design customer journeys. Transform them into real-life instances by automating and personalizing every experience, using a central system of intelligence.


It could be a customer interaction across the web, mobile device, a connected smart device, an event, or during an in-store experience, map the journey across all marketing channels. Design your customer journey and tie it up with what your customer experiences and how.

Data Repository

Compliment manual feeds with automated data updates, upgrades, recommendations, and other predictive insights backed by data analytics. Use enriched data to alter and optimize your existing customer journeys in real-time.

Increase your marketing ROI.

Customer Journey Orchestration provides new opportunities along the customer journey and amends the experience that affects your marketing efforts. Here are some marketing objectives that you can explore with FirstHive.

Customer Acquisition Optimization

Customer Retention

Close Customer Service Gaps

Channel Partner Optimization

Campaign Orchestration and Optimization

Loyalty Marketing

In-built Contextual Awareness

Data Governance

Lead Prioritization

Upselling and Cross-selling

Personalized Targeting

Optimize Customer Engagement

Re-discover your Customer

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