Unearth your customer identities and preferences like never before

Discover and understand your customer’s true preferences, likes, and calculate the propensity of response basis every new incremental trigger. With a unique identity creation layer, your models are built on top of a robust, accurate base, giving you high degrees of confidence for any prediction you wish to run.

Unified data backbone delivered by Patent-pending Hybrid Machine Learning technology

FirstHive creates a Single Customer Identity from seemingly unrelated data points captured across various platforms. During this process, the algorithm continuously cross-references the new data points with existing information about the Customer Identity, using evolving parameters based on Machine Learning and Data Science. So, the Customer Identity is continuously enriched in real-time!

Workbench access to data for analysis and model building

Get access via a workbench to deliver critical business insights and drive analytics across your entire production data set. Or, get access via a replica database to build new models and deploy.

Uncover customer preference insights and predictions at scale

data access

Get access to all the relevant data, in real-time. Unlock insights and create segments using a variety of attributes, behaviors, and tags.

Multiple default
predictive models

Get access to our patent-pending identity-building models, as well as predictive models spanning propensity of response basis channel preference, content affinity, or ideal time of nudge.

Plays well
with BI tools

Capability to plug in the data to any Visualization or Business Insights tool for driving your reporting, analytics, or BI objectives.

Customer Data Platform for your needs