Single Customer View

Create a unique and personalized customer experience, every single time. Organizationally a Single Customer View (SCV) will also lead to better communication between traditionally separate teams and a more cooperative approach to customer service.

Real-time Data Collection

Data Enrichment

Deterministic and Probabilistic User Match

Automated Customer Segmentation

Uniquification. Breaking the Silos.

What does a Single Customer View look like?

It is not just a few marketing sources. We mean it!

We collect data from all offline and online marketing channels, sources of interaction, and information to create a unique and unified customer ID that is persistent over time. The single view of a customer that is anchored in the unique customer ID is designed to help marketers spot customers and respond with a relevantly personalized experience. A Single Customer View is the foundation of an omnichannel strategy and customer journey orchestration.

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Build rich customer profiles.

Dive deep into data.

What data types and formats can you collect using FirstHive?

Build trust with permission and promise. Safeguard your customer interests with FirstHive which provides a transparent mechanism in compliance with international data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and so on.



Marketing KPIs

Purchases & Transactions

Customer Behavior

Engagement Metrics

Smart Device Data

Email IDs, phone numbers, and addresses

Personally Identifiable Data (PIIs)

Device IDs

Loyalty Numbers

Cookie Data

Rich Media

Customer Feedback

Usage Metrics

Pretty much
everything and more!

Orchestrate an omni-channel
strategy and customer journey.

What’s in it for you?

Don’t work in a blackhole.
  • Capture first-party and anonymous customer data
  • Find patterns among structured and unstructured data
  • Interact with every single customer
  • Build granular customer segments
  • Use unique and unified persistent IDs
  • Access to real-time enriched customer data
  • Eliminate bias and generalization
  • Design personalized and targeted campaigns

Why Single Customer View remains the Holy Grail of Marketing?

B2B or B2C, capture a comprehensive view of each customer.

Find out how including existing and new sources of information enriches the customer identity. This automated process achieves an optimized return on investment (ROI).

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