Deliver Personalized engagement to channel partners as Manufacturers

Empower data-driven marketing with seamless integration of supply chain information, product production, distribution, and marketing systems with the customer data platform.

How are manufacturers using CDP to achieve 5X RoI?

FirstHive has been lauded with two prestigious awards for improving channel partner sales attribution, promoting sales with supply chain data identification, increase in leads with multi-channel integration.

43% growth in ROI using highly targeted marketing campaigns.

“We were able to execute micro targeted campaigns, in the language of choice for our key influencers, and have achieved over 5X growth over the last couple of years.”

Mrugesh Gaglani,

National Sales Head, Legrand Head Marketing

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How are manufacturers and distributors using a CDP for more business?

Engaging with different layers of channel partners requires a different strategy. Find stories from different manufacturers who achieved loyalty among distributors, retailers, and niche influencers using a Customer Data Platform.

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