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How does the C-suite earn strategic value out of a Customer Data Platform?


  • Develop a central system of customer intelligence for the entire business and not a single department.
  • Help shareholders with the idea of a customer-centric business vision.


  • Improved Customer Experience.
  • Campaign and Segmentation.
  • Automation Personalized relationship with customers.
  • Reduced dependency on tech and data teams.
  • Avoid coding and other tech skills to achieve marketing goals.


  • Drive ‘Digital Transformation’ pivoting the organization towards a customer-centric culture and mindset.
  • Reduce average cost per technology deployed, reduce operating tech costs and lifetime value of every tech tool added.
  • Build and discover APIs that enable the integration of different tools.
  • Implement automation enabled by AI and ML.


  • Increase the value of data as an asset: monetization.
  • Integrate silos with usable data. Improve data governance and privacy.
  • Explore and pilot emerging data technologies.
  • Excited about the technologies that can prove short to medium-term success.
  • Discover emerging technologies like AI, IoT, etc that affect data as an asset.


Increase Value of Data Assets

Far East Hospitality has selected FirstHive because of its innovative solutions that help provide marketers with a much-desired 360-degree customer view. Furthermore, FirstHive is also a result focused partner who works towards achieving our goal of increasing performance and efficiency in measurable manners

– Far East Hospitality


Climb The Time-Value Curve

We engaged with FirstHive when we were evaluating partners for our global trade PICOS solution rollout. Our objective of engaging with FirstHive was both to get input on the approach and to leverage the right technology platform in order to drive the global solution adoption. FirstHive teams delivered a very effective solution plan to help us with the discovery phase. This involved understanding the requirements across multiple countries to gauge the complexity of roll out and help us in our customer engagement goals. FirstHive team was also able to deliver a powerful prototype solution that helped us build the business case internally to get buy in from various country teams.

– Fortune 10 Oil & Gas major


Contribute To Your Performance Lift

When we went through the demo of Firsthive, two key things stood out for us. The first was the Integration framework on FirstHive enabling the management getting a single view of our entire marketing, which had become a little chaotic with multiple channels in play. The second was the ability to get a single, rich profile of my customers, basis their interactions and transactions across the myriad of touchpoints. We could intuitively imagine the potential ROI increase this could enable. These factors propelled us to sign on to the platform.

– Leading QSR Brand

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