Influencer loyalty program
The Results

“FirstHive’s ‘Point wallet’ was a strategic improvement to both digitize the distribution and micro channel network which helped in differentiating our brand.”

Digitization and Brand differentiation among micro channels

This leading plumbing manufacturer tried to differentiate it’s brand that suffered with name duplication. To solve this, they needed a long term and reliable engagement program that can be implemented for their customers. They foresaw another immediate need. And, that was to reduce dependency on their distributors in the market. They needed insights to sell better and charge forward as leaders in their market. For this, they had to be able to map the primary, secondary, and tertiary sales.

Unorganized influencers to be engaged for sales.

The Problem & Challenges

Other pipes manufacturing brands duped their name. The first challenge was that the data was in physical records. We took up the challenge of digitizing influencer and channel partner data using codified coupons. These coupons were allocated to channel partners. 

FirstHive had to provide visibility and access points at various layers of the channel partner program. This included wholesaler, retailer, distributor and plumber. Each of them needed different interfaces and access points. We supported micro loyalty programs under a single brand using FirstHive’s single customer view. 

Benefits from Channel Partners’ Loyalty Program


  • Customer retention
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Garnered insights
  • Increased Revenues

The Solution

Single view across multiple micro channel partner segments with complete digitization

The problem was solved in two phases. The first phase involved creating and assigning coupons while digitizing the channel partner database. The coupons not only tracked sales but also helped in differentiating the brand. 

The second phase involved tracking the finite sales value of each transaction. This was enabled with a standard invoice template available on the interface provided by FirstHive. The channel partners at different layers could

  • Access the sales value.
  • They can login into the platform and identity.
  • They can pitch to a new retailer using the data that reflected sales behavior.

The Process

How did we proceed?

  1. Identify, track, and engage with channel partners and influencers: We used a ‘Virtual Chain concept’ to identify who is purchasing from whom. This increased visibility into the chain of transactions from the backend. 
  2. Recorded primary, secondary and tertiary product purchases: All sales closed from across multiple channel partners were recorded on a single platform. 
  3. Map primary to secondary and tertiary sales: Primary, secondary and tertiary caps were integrated to avoid any probable fraud.
  4. Drive the relationship between customers and the brand: Feedback from customers was enabled into the system. This was used to change the programs and how they approach the market based on customer feedback and behavioral data.
  5. Create visibility for channel partners about the brand which are both transactional and emotional.
  6. Built a long term and scalable engagement program: We assigned coupons to each channel partner. These coupons and their status of redemption were maintained at the backend in a kitty called the ‘Point wallet’. 


growth in member participation


growth in member satisfaction


campaigns executed

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