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Customize customer interactions

Personalize, and individualize every customer
interaction and experience.

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We are excited to partner with FirstHive in this project, FirstHive will help us map customer behavior and correlate it to their circumstance, to deliver enhanced and personalized travel experiences throughout our journey

Avianca Airlines

An Ideal Customer Experience

Customer expectations are changing and increasing with time. Using FirstHive, gather historical and real-time customer engagement across all channels and data streams. Personalize every customer interaction by discovering hidden intents and customer behavior.

Empathize with Real Customer Problems

Start responding to people and not mere numbers or graphs. Detect behavior, positioning, and intent anomalies across all marketing channels. Capture real reasons for a poor experience, cart abandonment, unsubscribing, low usage rate, etc.

Target The Right Customers

You don’t need to persuade someone who is already convinced about the solution that they need. All you have to do is put your product before them. Auto-segment your cohorts. Create customized content for ads, messages, and other communication. Deliver omni-channel consistency.

Measure Business Success

Automate analysis and predictions for proactive, futuristic measures. Test and validate all marketing channels and cohorts with A/B Testing. Syndicate to deliver better marketing campaigns, versions of products, and services.

Entrust Data Security

Use a GDPR-compliant platform while consuming any kind of gathered data. No threat to lose confidentiality and privacy of data with permissions and restrictions.

Build Loyalty &
Discover Opportunities

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