Data-Driven Marketing &
Real-Time Insights

Fuel your data strategy and machine learning models with enriched and intelligent insights.

Designed to facilitate and automate intelligent decision-making for marketers.

Customer Journey Analysis
Attribution Models
Reporting & Dashboards
Insight-driven data enrichment
Machine learning models
Recommendations Engine

Customer Journey Analysis

Funnel Analysis

Across different devices and channels used by your customer, track accurate customer journey along the path to conversion. You get to use: drill-down, split funnels, point of abandonment, create real-time customer segments and target them with relevant messaging campaigns to reduce churn and uplift engagement.

Cohort Analysis

Identify similar behaviors across segmented groups of customers, across online and offline sources. Map their behavior over parameters relating to psychography, demography, purchase history, channel interaction, geographies, brand engagement, and more. Personalize messaging and design targeted campaigns.

RFM Analysis

It is not just numbers, but also analyze behavior and context using the Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value model. Recognize customer segments that respond to different parameters and to changing trends. Apply customized multi-channel campaigns that validate your marketing budgets.

Reporting & Dashboards

Access real-time insights with ongoing data enrichment processes driven by multiple streaming APIs.

FirstHive Central

A single, unified view of your customer-in-action across all your configured brand touchpoints. Action-ready, enriched data from different marketing systems are available for you to take campaign-related decisions about the appropriate time, channel, and messaging. Integrate dashboards from other analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Mixed Panel, Hubspot, Marketo, and more.

Customer Central

Everything about your customer is available in real-time in a ‘Single View of Customer’. Cohort dashboards facilitated by auto-cohort segmentation furnishes dynamic customer data for quick and on-demand decision making.

Social Media & Listening

Reporting & Dashboards

Integrate the analytics data onto a single dashboard. Add different social media streams coming from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Enable social listening analytics directly coming from the streams of conversations or from other tools such as Brand24, Meltwater, Brandwatch, and so on.

Campaign Insights

Multi-channel, multi-device, and multi-format campaigns can be monitored through customized views with metrics and insights that matter to you. Get performance highlights, KPIs, audience insights, etc that belong to your campaigns.

Built-in Attribution & Machine Learning Models

Attribution Models

Assign true credit to channels and touchpoints that generate leads, sales, and other conversions. Multi-touch attribution, multi-channel funnels, model comparison tools, first-touch attribution, last-touch attribution, linear attribution model, time decay model, position-based attribution model are some that can be deployed using FirstHive’s analytics module.

Machine Learning Models

Marketers empowered by AI and data-backed decision making rely on the built-in machine learning models. These models are used as inputs for advanced predictive analytics, recommendations engine, data enrichment, next-best product recommendations, next-best customer and cohort recommendations, and similar other use cases.

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