A marketer’s decision engine.

A platform that learns from your customer data, translating enriched data into actionable insights.

Drive mission critical decisions that impact your ROI.

FirstHive’s decisioning hub enables you to configure rules with predictive models. You can direct them to increase revenue, optimize your Customer Lifetime Value, reduce churn, and drive engagement with your customers.

Harness the power of our

AI & ML to drive real-time decisioning

Hyper personalize every interaction across every channel. Tailor relevant, contextual experience for each customer, in real-time. Deepen customer relationships and drive marketing ROI.

Rule based orchestration, with AI built in

With our Journey Orchestration functionality, you can configure and control all of your decisioning strategies from a single interface – with our recommendations overlaid to help you derive the best value from each interaction.

Personalize every interaction,

in real-time

every interaction

Set rules or let us recommend the communication to be personalized and delivered for every interaction.

across channels

FirstHive delivers the ability to personalize the interaction and communication across every channel integrated with the platform, viz. Email, text, voice, customer care, PoS, web, mobile, et al

across tools

Use our native capabilities, or use us to either push audiences to your existing tools, or design the journey and parameters in FirstHive and execute the interactions from existing stack.

Customer Data Platform and a marketer’s value