Retain customers
Optimize your customers life-time value

Counteract the customer churn threat with improved
customer loyalty, and an ongoing engagement.

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We now have access to over 4X the number of identities we had in our database, and are also able to ensure that all our agencies are also on FirstHive, wherein they get access to the data, but the PII is masked from our end thereby ensuring data protection as well.


Upsell and Cross-sell

Find the next best customer among the existing customer base. Explore your first-party data to recognize and retain at-risk customers. Upsell and cross-sell loyal customers by devising and implementing omni-channel retention campaigns to increase usage rate and reduce churn rate due to non-usability. Recommend products and solutions for further upsell and cross-sell.

Detect At-risk Customers

Use updated customer profiles in real-time to identify the customers you lose based on several parameters. Prepare campaigns and communication that address the problems of those customers to save some money and retain them.

Scale Customer Retention
with Machine Learning

Retain Customers by automating all your retention efforts with well-proofed models that can recognize patterns of disruption. Use existing models or create your own models to identify triggers that increase retention.

Build Loyalty Programs

Consolidate and aggregate data coming in from different streams. Create cohorts and audience segments that respond to loyalty. Design an omni-channel campaign experience for a lifetime loyalty program.

Build Loyalty &
Discover Opportunities

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