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A Manufacturing and Distribution Marketing Micro-Masterclass

We recently concluded the Micro-Masterclass designed specifically for the Manufacturing and Distribution Marketers. During the MasterClass our subject matter experts helped the attendees to prepare themselves for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The MasterClass covered:

  1. How industry marketers and growth leaders can empower distributors, retailers, and influencers to sell more of your product with loyalty and last-mile tracking.
  2. What options to explore as you leverage machine learning and automation to enable intelligent selling and personalization.
  3. Gain a 360-degree view of your channel partners & Networks. Embrace accelerated data-driven digital growth over your traditional “handshake” interactions.

Are there too many layers before you get to your customer preferences?

Do you want to work with data that can speak on behalf of your channel distributors and customers? Do you want to thrive in the new era of device-driven technology that takes over everything from communication to project proposals.

Let’s demonstrate how you can see across multi-layered channel networks and interact with the final consumer, developing long-term brand resonance.

6 reasons why should you download the On-demand MasterClass

Meet your marketing goals

Channel-driven sales & spend optimization
Dealer sales promotions
Segment replication for new MQLs
Lower CPL and CPA
Increase LTV of customers, influencers and retailers
Brand differentiation

Meet Your Instructors

Mahendra Hasabnis
Sr Industry Advisor - Supply chain, Manufacturing & Quality Operations, Microsoft

Mahendra is a Sr. Industry Advisor at Microsoft in India. He is responsible for building a Digital transformation strategy & roadmap across Supply chain, Manufacturing & Quality operations, for the manufacturing vertical. In this role, Mahendra partners with Microsoft India’s top corporations and works alongside these customers in their digital transformation journeys. Mahendra excels at helping customers understand the business value of technology investments, supporting them through digital transformations, and fostering long-term partnerships. He is also exceptional at forming cross-functional teams and delivering accelerated value to the customers he has worked with.

Vishnu Bhavaraju
Chief Growth Officer

At FirstHive, Vishnu is the Chief Growth Officer and is responsible for driving revenue growth and company success via customer acquisition & activation, sales optimization, customer retention and referral in the funnel. Vishnu Bhavaraju brings with him an experience of 21+ years across various consulting and sales leadership roles. Prior to joining FirstHive, Vishnu served as ‘Director-Industry Solutions’ at Microsoft India Private Limited. During the course of his career Vishnu worked with MNCs such as Oracle, EMC and TCS. Vishnu holds Masters in Computer Applications from Andhra University and an Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore. 


What did this Masterclass include?

  • E-book that guides manufacturing marketers about digitizing the channel distribution and loyalty programs.
  • A 45-minute live session on applying CDP in manufacturing and distribution marketing
  • Access to FirstHive CDP resources to explore it for your manufacturing brand.
  • Free access to ongoing resources on manufacturing and distribution marketing.
  • 1:1 talk-to-expert sessions with our marketing specialists


Learnings from the MasterClass

  • Digitizing offline sales and unorganized channel groups across the funnel
  • Building loyalty and unified view of influencer and retailer networks
  • Deliver superior customer experience in D2C business
  • Accelerate B2B2C with dealer branding and differentiation
  • Technology integration for intelligent selling
  • Last-mile tracking and attribution using CDP to see which are high-performing sales channels
  • Optimize marketing spend

Who joined Us?

This is exclusive to the manufacturing and distribution sector only. If you are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, or affiliated sectors, please take a look at the criteria of acceptance.


  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Digital/SEO/Social Marketing / Lead Generation Specialists
  • Customer Experience/Service  Leads
  • Product / Brand Marketers / Influencer Marketing Executives
  • Any other Marketing specialists in the Manufacturing and distribution sector

IT / Digital

  • Chief Information/Technology/Digital/Data Officers
  • Heads of IT/Digital/Data/Analytics/CRM
  • Customer Data & Analytics Specialists
  • Customer Experience / CRM Practitioners
  • Data / Analytics Architects
  • Any other Digital / Analytics specialists in Manufacturing and distribution sector

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