3X Retention and 5X Redemption driven by brand-owned Loyalty Marketing

Create and share meaningful interactions beyond point of purchase. Increase accurate data capture, redemption, engagement, profitability, and retention.

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“FirstHive Recognized as one of the top Loyalty Management Technology solutions with extended Risk Analytics and Customer Experience abilities. “

– By Forrester’s The Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape, Q4 2022

Customers who have already enjoyed better retention and redemption

How are our Customers using it?

Some prominent use cases that our customers have fulfilled with FirstHive’s loyalty marketing solution

Referral program management

Partner network management

Loyalty marketing automation

Redemption and Offer Analytics

Zero-cost marketing

Rewards, Coupons, and Offer management

Data modeling

Mobile App Integration

Don’t miss Loyalty marketing extensions

What you don’t find elsewhere?

Fully customizable plugins for engaging and rewarding users. Introduce Badges and Leaderboard.

Scheme Management

Access to recommended rewards and discounts for being loyal.

Instant Gratification

AI-Driven Engagement to redefine instant gratification. Apply data models to automate learned instant gratification.

Why do you need enhanced AI-powered Loyalty Marketing?

Connect digital and in-store customer experiences
  • Create and deliver a highly engaging loyalty app and website
  • Design and run captivating marketing campaigns
Retain existing customers
  • Deliver personalized CXs across multiple touchpoints
  • Personalize and segment your marketing campaigns to target your most loyal customers and attract look-alikes.
Increase customer lifetime value
  • Collect zero & first-party data and analyze customer behavior
  • Enable repeatable and zero-cost sales with referral and word-of-mouth marketing
Differentiate your Brand
  • Build and manage immersive B2B, B2C, B2E loyalty programs
  • Build a community of loyal customers promoting better brand recall.