The 'Phygital' way of Retail marketing

Five strategic solutions to tackle challenges of a retail marketer in the post-COVID era.

    “We’re closed.” This little note hung on the doorstep of every other offline retail store when the world locked down due to COVID. To push more inventory out of the shelf, more and more discounts and unlimited sales announcements were made. This hit the retail sales drastically.

    Over come the challenges that have plagued both the big and the small retailers, and have reshaped the entire retail industry. Download this e-book and learn how to:

    • Over come the lack of an innovative retail turnaround strategy
    • Tackle the absence of know-how about new-age technologies and data-oriented practices
    • Implement the practical solutions mentioned in the e-book, to ride the wave of digitization in commerce.
    • Track the new lifestyle patterns and preferences with social distancing and lockdown