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Customer Data Platform for Manufacturing and Distribution

Preparing for tough times begins with relying on customers and their data. When production comes to a standstill, or when retailers lose faith in your supply chain, or if you are forced to explore digital channels for sales, playing with customer data gives you a competitive edge. A Customer Data Platform integrates with all manufacturing data platforms and data processing systems. This promotes slicing the profile and adding intelligence while selling to different layers of the distribution value chain, and not just the customer.

Customer Insights

Digitizing the unorganized and delivering intelligence to channel and sales partners

In the manufacturing context, the definition of customer is meant for each layer in the supply chain. Manufacturers receive a different percentage of revenue from each layer. This means that marketers of this sector need to gain intelligence and implement progressive automation over time. We are preparing to handle the manufacturer’s complexity with artificial intelligence and machine learning that upgrade the customer data systems automatically.

We made it easy for brands to add value and selling intelligence across different layers of distribution network.


Optimizing channel-driven sales


Influencer Engagement


Sales funnel and revenue data visibility


Brand differentiation among distribution networks


Micro-targeted Personalization and Localization Campaigns


Improve Product on-boarding experience

Stepping Beyond the Factory’s Assembly Line

With digitization, manufacturers need to expand their radar beyond the factory production units and assembly lines. Manufacturers are coming to understand that their actions after making sales are as important as the efforts they put into preparing for the sale, which all has an increasingly significant impact on their company’s financial performance. A Service Council study found that 27% of manufacturing companies’ total revenues came from service. Another report suggested that an average gross margin of 39% could be attributed to after-sales service.

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Growth in Return on Investment
Increased avg revenue per influencer
The Difference

Meeting the unique expectations of different personas across the value chain.

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