growth in customer engagement across channels for
a leading global pet food company


new business delivered for
a leading bank


jump in active customers for
the world's leading eye care brand

FirstHive™ is a cross-channel marketing platform that gives you the power to engage your customers with your brand across multiple touchpoints.

Single Platform, Multiple Capabilities

Cross-channel Orchestration
Cross-channel Orchestration

Go beyond traditional automation logics and start engaging with your customers across channels that they care about the most. The most interesting part of this entire exercise is that with FirstHive, you can go across multiple channels to reach out to your customers or prospects with automated communication.

Patent pending Uniquification logic

Our patent pending algorithms will automatically collate the customer information basis their transactions and interactions with your brand across channels, and tag the behaviour against the named customers.

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Customer Journey Builder
Customer Journey Builder

Build and automate the entire customer journey communication starting with their first interaction on any touchpoint with your brand. Ensure your funnel flows the way you intended it to.

Real time Behavioral segmentation

Create behavioral and CRM data based dynamic or static segments for your marketing requirements. Ensure your messaging is relevant for the target segments and enable your brand to maximize the ROI on their engagement spends.

Real time Behavioral segmentation
Real time Analytics and Dashboard
Real time Analytics and Dashboard

Get a real-time, single window view of your brand's marketing with our completely integrated dashboard (FirstHive CentralTM), right down to named customer behaviour across channels and brand touchpoints, through the Customer Profile Dashboard (Customer CentralTM).

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