The Art of Optimizing returns on every Folio number using your Data goldmine

We recently concluded a curated Mutual Fund Micro-Masterclass on how to reduce the marketing and distribution spend on each mutual fund investor and to grow the return on those existing investors through repeat sales.

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Investors’ ability to diversify investments has grown. Are you able to capitalize?

Watch the video to learn how to identify opportunities through existing data insights. Using this, find out how to create value for clients through data that spans the trading workflow. Make it easier for investment professionals to see, analyze and act on insight and opportunity. Stream fragmented information across disparate systems, such as separate portfolio management systems (PMS), order management systems (OMS), execution management systems (EMS), and risk management systems into a single platform.

During this webinar we helped cover:

Lower marketing and distribution costs
Increase retail investor subscription
Improve data compliance and security
Increase focus on growing investor awareness
Build your brand and strengthen your leads
Single view of customers for upselling and cross-selling


What was included in the MasterClass:

  • E-book that guides Mutual Fund Marketers Guide to Customer-Centric Growth
  • A 45-minute live session on applying CDP in Mutual Fund marketing
  • Access to FirstHive CDP resources to explore it for your brand
  • Free access to ongoing resources on Mutual Fund marketing
  • Post-event 1:1 talk-to-expert sessions with our marketing specialists


Here’s what you learn from the Mutual Fund MasterClass Video:

  • Bringing disparate information on a single platform
  • Access real-time channel interaction of folio numbers 
  • Exploring family loyalty towards mutual fund investments
  • Digitization of touchpoints to improve customer experience
  • Multi-Product SIP and capital re-investment options
  • Empower your customer support teams also to become smart salespeople
Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Who Joined Us?

This is exclusive to the mutual fund sector only. If you are involved in the mutual fund or affiliated sectors, please take a look at the criteria of acceptance.


  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • AVP/ VP/ Director/ Manager – Marketing
  • Digital/SEO/Social Marketing / Lead Generation Specialists
  • Customer Experience/Service Leads
  • Product / Brand Marketers / Influencer Marketing Executives
  • Any other Marketing specialists in the Mutual fund sector

IT / Digital

  • Chief Information/Technology/Digital/Data Officers
  • Heads of IT/Digital/Data/Analytics/CRM
  • Customer Data & Analytics Specialists
  • Customer Experience / CRM Practitioners
  • Data / Analytics Architects
  • Any other Digital / Analytics specialists in the Mutual fund sector

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