FirstHive partners with StreamSets for efficient management of Data Operations

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In an effort to enable seamless ingestion of big data from structured sources and to easily push data back to source destinations, FirstHive signed up with StreamSets, the Modern Data Integration for Data Ops.

Sunnyvale, California: FirstHive today announced a new partnership with StreamSets. This partnership will bring in efficient ingestion of data thereby strengthening the CDP capabilities of FirstHive.

“FirstHive, as a full stack Customer Data Platform, allows for ingestion of data from all structured and unstructured sources. This partnership with StreamSets will enable us to streamline our structured data ingestion, as well as add to our list of pre-configured connectors.” says Aditya Bhamidipaty, CEO of FirstHive Tech Incorporation.

Speaking at the occasion, Swayam Behera, VP Technology for FirstHive also commented, “The support we have been receiving from StreamSets in this partnership has been great, and something I am sure our clients appreciate as well. To me, this marks the start of a long and mutually rewarding relationship”


“In today’s ‘new normal,’ the importance of more accurate data to engage higher potential value customers cannot be overstated,” said Jobi George, general manager, StreamSets Cloud. “We are excited to be a part of the FirstHive solution to deliver data rapidly, continuously, and with confidence through our DataOps platform.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Simpler data ingestion and validation in the FirstHive CDP
  • More automation in data operations and management

This integration is available to all existing FirstHive customers for any new pipelines that they need to setup.

About FirstHive: Firsthive is an Intelligent Customer Data Platform that builds Unique Customer Identities by ingesting data from all sources of customer interactions & transactions such as ERP, CRM, Website, Social, PoS, mobile app, customer care, etc.

FirstHive is the world’s first CDP to use Machine Learning for building unified customer identities and layer it with actionable campaign targeting recommendations to deliver disproportionate jump in Marketing ROI. FirstHive is a privacy by design, GDPR compliant product & also delivers a cross channel campaign orchestration capability on the unified customer data set.

About StreamSets: StreamSets help customers achieve their goals by solving the problem of data integration and data management for continuous delivery and constant change across any platform–past, present, and future. The StreamSets vision for modern data integration is guided by DataOps, a set of practices and technologies that operationalizes data management and integration to ensure resilience and agility despite constant change. StreamSets technologies are architected with a modern approach to data engineering integration and operations.

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