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User Persona Creation

Personas can be a great way to segment your data for effective automated marketing. One person can easily have multiple personas created from consumer interaction across web, social media,demographic, email, or SMS. The FirstHive is creating Persona ID for each interactions of unique user who are interacted with system from multiple sources of multichannel FirstHive marketing platform.

Persona FHID Mapping

FirstHive maps individual touchpoints / interactions / personas back to individual named-users based on different Machine Learning and data science techniques called Uniquification. Uniquification is a proprietary solution to map the individual named-users with the persona IDs created from various sources using characteristics from a large social dataset. The Fuzzification Clustering algorithm is used to divide a data set into homogeneous groups based on classification parameters such that similar data sets are kept in a group as highly unique based on Probability algorithm. The Persona's are mapped with individual named users based on threshold limit of Positive Probability distribution.

Cross channel automation
Newsletter Management

Big Data Scalable Architecture

FirstHive gathers large amounts of customer profile data, collected from different Data sources like social media, Campaign management system, Leads management system, customer relationship management system and response management system. These data is collected using streaming APIs on Big data system which are configured in HDFS and Spark clusters. Hadoop clusters can be scaled up 4000 nodes which can store 16 PB of data and as fast as sort 6TB of data in 30 minutes.

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