Enterprises take control of their Customer Experience and Marketing ROI goals with FirstHive

Use FirstHive to gather historical and real-time customer engagement across all channels and data streams. Personalize every customer interaction by discovering hidden intents and customer behavior.


    Comprehensive Data Ingestion Capability

    Ability to ingest data from ANY data source and make the same available across ANY destination source.

    Flexible Data Provisioning Rules

    Complete flexibility to mask all customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and share access with internal and external stakeholders, without the data leaving the platform.

    Actionable Insights

    All this, with complete visibility over every data source or campaign, ensuring you are in control of your marketing.

    100% Data Ownership

    You own your data. Period. No data is locked in any proprietary format. All data is 100% portable for the clients.

    Data Segmentation

    Comprehensive Data Segmentation capabilities, to truly drill down to a Segment of One.

    Quick Deployments

    Ready connectors across the marketing ecosystem ensure we are able to go live with a client deployment in under 4-6 weeks.