Customer Data Platform for Auto-Ancillary sector

The way consumers purchase and use the products is changing with the evolution of technology that brings sensors, smart machines, lubricant composition and so on; increase in the number of channels that are available to consumers increases the complexity of a customer persona, adding more variables to the purchase decision.

Customer Insights

Unveiling Supply Chain Data for Auto-ancillary industry

A Customer data platform reveals the unknown data and identity of those operating in the supply chain bylanes. And, these are a combination of distributors, retailers, and mechanics who influence the purchase decision. The Supply chain data drawn from the CDP can reveal which links in a chain are susceptible to competition, market dynamic and other threats. This helps Auto-ancillary brands to be proactive and implement countermeasures before the real problem manifests.

Our solutions touched upon some direct impact areas of the auto-ancillary sector such as:


Customer Loyalty and Reward Systems


Establish Leader position


Increased Influencer Engagement


Tertiary Data Discovery and Identification


Multi-Channel Integration


Advanced Automation Module

Customer Identity and Insights Lost to Data Mayhem

Matured marketers in the automotive industry are already equipped to gather primary data pertaining to the products shipped and the secondary of how many of them are sold to dealers and distributors. But, they still grapple to figure out the tertiary data which is to answer ‘who the final consumer is?’

Having said that, the supply chain in the automotive industry deals with influencers from the unorganized sector such as mechanics, repair shops, etc. Even with dealerships themselves, such manufacturers have to deal with lack of skilled staff (resulting in lower sales) and high turnover rates. 

Aiding The Auto-ancillary Dynamism

Predictive analytics can provide a great boost in forecasting efficiency and performance. Customer Data Analytics combined with machine learning shows a promise to the automotive sector in providing strategic value to different customer segments. FirstHive is set to simplify the complex supply chain that helps in automating customer segmentation, retention, engagement, and acquisition.

Increase in leads with multi-channel integration
Growth in ROI by highly targeted marketing campaigns
The Difference

Promoted sales with supply chain data identification.

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Core features for Auto-ancillary industry

Real Time Tracking & Multi Channel User Journey Orchestration

Nudge them with right content at the right time.

Brands have been able to track the cross channel behavior of each Mechanic in real-time. With FirstHive’s Journey Orchestration, they could configure and control all their decisioning strategies from a single interface. They also get the ability to personalize the interaction and communication across every channel integrated with the platform, viz. Mobile App, Customer care, Whatsapp.

Smart Codes

Customize value to different audiences

Delivering personalized reward value has been achieved with QR-based Smart codes. The user scans the code and in seconds, FirstHive can deliver personalized offers in seconds. This means as a marketer, you can configure rewards using Smart codes based on the user category or audience segment. You can now ensure that different audiences can get different value from a single QR code and scale our platform’s to attract different audiences.

Real-time and Instant Gratification

Moments-based marketing

FirstHive platform’s reward engine Worldswipe has best of class Reward options that enables Real time and Instant Gratification. With Audience like Mechanics, the speed of redemption mattered over perceived value and thus new age reward options were plugged in like Paytm, UPI, E-Vouchers, Bank Transfer. This saves Enterprise’s challenge faced earlier with High Settlement Time and reverse logistics. Every month rewards worth up to Million Dollars are disbursed with 99.5% redemption success rate.

GPS based Garage Locator

Track the most important influencer

With geo tagging technique, every Mechanic’s garage geo coordinates are acquired and stored. This information gives enterprises an opportunity to configure programs that will increase Garage walk-ins thereby increasing Mechanic’s Loyalty to the brand.

Advanced Automation Module

Put your campaigns on an assembly line.

The advanced automation module of FirstHive enables enterprises to design a contest by plugging in a Reward component into the journey. You can apply multiple conditions plus give the admin an option to choose rewards in absolute value or as a % of sales-driven by the Mechanics or other influencers. The flexibility provided by this module enables a faster Go-To-Market for any campaign with real-time notification to all audience, influencers, and mechanics.

Tier-based earning

Track your funnel

With tiering programs, the enterprises were able to drive differential engagement with Mechanics of different levels. The higher the tier, the higher are the benefits – both tangible as well as intangible. Influencers such as Mechanics can be constantly reminded of their potential earnings in the next tier which drives them to keep buying more.

Recognized FirstHive for it's contribution to Auto-ancillary sector

FirstHive Platform has helped us in configuring engagement triggers which influence mechanic behavior and help us achieve our business objectives. As a result of the above, within three years of launching Gulf Masterscan is among the three most recognized Mechanic Rewards Programs in India.

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