The Results

“We were able to execute micro targeted campaigns with FirstHive and, in the language of choice for our key influencers, and have achieved over 5X growth over the last couple of years.”

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A ‘customer – partner’ led expansion for a leading electric manufacturing brand.

How did this global electrical wiring manufacturing brand gain 30% more active electricians and partners?

A global specialist in manufacturing electrical and digital building infrastructure whose services include the provision of control and command of electric power, cable management, power distribution, and voice-data-image distribution. They wanted to engage with their primary users and build lasting relationships through digitization.

Losing valuable customer insights due to lack of digitization

The Problem & Challenges

Due to last-mile installation delivery, most of their consumer data remained offline. This data remained with their implementation partners, the electricians. This drove the brand to employ a Digital transformation. They soon confronted the fact that the lack of oversight was creating a lack of insight into their loyal customers. They were certain that insights would lead to new markets and enable Engagement that helps them know their customers better while making sure that they provided quality services.

This goal could only be achieved if they went with the customer first but employees always approach, if they helped their end-users the electricians they would be helping their final customers. The solution was easy and clear. They had to build a strong structured database of customer identities to bridge the disconnect between their final consumers and partners. They were also looking for an incentive-based partner retention program to improve Brand loyalty and boost sales. 

They chose FirstHive to tackle some of the immediate challenges such as: 

  • Lack of digital storage of final consumer data.
  • Data that remained in silos without being available for activation.
  • Lack of loyalty among electricians who could choose any other brand for wiring.
  • Losing customer insights due to now proper methodology to collect and store data 
  • Spending huge sums of money to retain the loyalty of electricians.

Long-lasting conversations with automated and streamlined communication


FirstHive designed the solution to bring about a Digital transformation that helped them navigate through Data silos which led to customer insights that revealed Tertiary Sales Attribution

  • Long-lasting conversations with final consumers via an engagement platform for electricians FirstHive Loyalty module was deployed which further helped the partners and electricians to integrate their engagement efforts. 
  • Various stages like Acquisition, Engagement, Gratification and Redemption were automated and weaved in a seamless manner which led to clear streamlined communication.

Creating impactful conversations with customers

The Solution

With FirstHive, the company can identify it’s premium and contributing electricians and is able to instantly gratify them with its incremental rewards. 

  • In a short span of time the brand acquired 25K registered electricians and had 30% of them actively recording their purchases. Not just that, these electricians also get access to privileges like Insurance via the brand as a part of the loyalty program. 
  • Our agile platform has helped the brand to quickly launch bonus schemes and communicate the scheme to the entire electrician community with the integrated communication functionality. 

The Process

  • We started creating unified customer identities across all channels to analyze their performance and average revenue per electrician increased.
  • All input source channels were connected to FirstHive like Website, Mobile App, CRM, Customer Care & SMS.
  • FirstHive started creating identities at interaction level, channel level and at an enterprise level.
  • This led to understanding the purchase patterns and of our final customers, it enabled us to focus on core product development and analyze their performance in new markets.
  • They were able to execute micro-targeted campaigns, in various languages for their key influencers, and have achieved over 5X growth over the last couple of years.


  • With the help of FirstHives integrated communication functionality the brand was able to launch bonus schemes and communicate these campaigns to the entire market.

The Impact

  • The brand is able to identify their premium and contributing electricians and is able to instantly gratify them with incremental rewards
  • There was a growth of 25k registered electricians
  • Increase of 30% of more active electricians and partners all across the country.
  • The brand got awarded with the ‘ best use of technology’ and ‘best influencer marketing platform’ award
  • The revenue per electrician increased by a stunning 35%
  • The member referral contributed to 10% of the total registrations and the turnover mapped has increased from 84 Crores in 2016 to 150 Crores in 2019.


Registered Users


More active electricians


increased revenue per electrician

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