FH Central

FirstHive™ Central

FirstHive™ Central provides you a single, unified view of your brand’s marketing, across all your brand touchpoints. So pull in data from your e-store, see how your customers have trended with time, capture your customer footprint, analyze the ideal time of day and day of week to schedule your campaigns, plug in your Google Analytics even, all the dashboards you need to manage your brand’s marketing.

Customer Central

FirstHive™ is the only platform which gives you a Single window View of the Customer (SVoC) in real-time. Using its patent pending algorithms, FirstHive™ enables you to get a view of each individual customer’s behavior across channels, thereby creating a complete behavioral profile, with relevant system generated tags, to enable hyper personalized marketing. So start marketing to a ‘Segment of One.’


Social Media Insights

Connect your social channels with FirstHive™ and get a single interface to manage your social communication. Right from creating search streams on twitter, to replying to a comment thread on Facebook, engage with your customers in real-time. Get a in depth view into your social performance with our social media insights feature. Managing social has never been this simple.

Campaign Analytics

Get detailed views into your campaign performance with the Campaign Analytics feature. Access details on which campaigns performed and which need tweaks, get audience insights vis a vis the time of day and day of week reports, optimize your campaigns basis the device and OS visibility provided, and create segments on the fly using any campaign performance attribute.

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