Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Build and automate the entire customer journey communication starting with their first interaction on any touchpoint with your brand. You can build advance communication flow with our simple yet powerful flow builder, set number of rules and conditions and set specific campaigns for specific scenarios. You can also add lead scoring based on your lead’s behaviour and visualize the lead funnel based on the scoring. Ensure your funnel flows the way you intended it to.

Cross-channel Automation

Go beyond traditional automation logics and start engaging with your customers across channels that they care about the most. The most interesting part of this entire exercise is that with FirstHive, you can go across multiple channels to reach out to your customers or prospects with automated communication. For Instance, you can automate an ‘Introduction’ email to the people who have liked your post on Facebook. You can again set up a “discount offer” SMS text after a week to those who did not respond to your email. You see, how the chances of customer engagement has sharply risen just because you have an option of covering multiple channels in your marketing automation. All this happening in the backend while you’re sipping Blue Hawaii in Hawaii.

Cross channel automation
Newsletter Management

Patent Pending Uniquification logic

Leave the finer details to us and concentrate on building the optimal customer journey using FirstHive. Our patent pending algorithms will automatically collate the customer information basis their transactions and interactions with your brand across channels, and tag the behaviour against the same shopper. This enables a powerful data repository with your brand using FirstHive, which you can use to ensure relevant messaging and yield higher conversions from your campaigns. Leave the ‘guessing’ to the amateurs and harness the power of ‘Big Data’ in your marketing today using FirstHive.

FirstHive brings you a comprehensive marketing communication platform, enabling you with with powerful cross channel marketing automation capabilities.

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