FirstHive gives you the power to manage your cross-channel marketing activities, with no IT skills required. It’s simple, easy to use features make the process of triggering campaigns and tracking analytics - exciting and beautiful. Automate your communications and score your leads on the basis of their activities. Track your lead funnel, and take critical marketing decisions to convert them into customers.


Lead Nurturing

Acquire. Nurture. Convert.

Acquire leads through cross-channel marketing, inbound marketing or direct email marketing via FirstHive. Create rules and automate your lead scoring on the basis of the activities of your prospects. Set the lead scores according to the business criticality of their activity and see the lead funnel in real-time. Segment them, and nurture with targeted campaigns.

Content Management

Build. Place. Track.

With an excellent Email and SMS builder, you get a modern-age content creator and manager. Design professional emails and personalize with their first name, last name, company name etc. FirstHive helps you design Smart SMSs with in-built URL shortener so that you could place your valuable content within character limits. Create forms and embed it in your websites or create a landing page. Track and automate the following-up with new subscribers.


Take control over your marketing and sales goals.

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